For Presenters

All the policies, procedures, and forms required for presentation of your work at SIGGRAPH 2015:

Recognition Policy for Presenters & Volunteers

Author Instructions: How to Prepare Your Material for Publication

Speaker Preparation

Equipment Insurance

Important Notice to All SIGGRAPH 2015 Contributors

All contributors to SIGGRAPH Annual Conferences are now required to use ACM's rights management system to grant rights to publish accepted content rather than through the online submission system. Essentially, submission tracking, jury review, and acceptance remains the same, but now the rights management is through ACM, the parent organization of SIGGRAPH.

You will be asked to complete an ACM rights management form, which includes permission to record and distribute the audio and video of your recorded presentation through official channels of ACM/SIGGRAPH. For most content types other than Technical Papers, this will be a Permission and Release form, which allows authors to retain copyright. For Technical Papers, authors will have a choice of transferring copyright, providing an exclusive publishing license, or an Open Access license.

More Information on these options (the FAQ is particularly useful)

Samples of the ACM Copyright Form and the ACM Publishing License

As a contributor to an ACM-sponsored event, the following expectations apply to you, should your content be accepted for presentation:

  • If you are using copyrighted musical compositions in your presentation, you must secure performing rights licenses.
  • You must have the authority to grant ACM the right to distribute your presentation.

Once your contribution is accepted, you will receive via email a link to the appropriate form for your contribution. Good luck!