Making @ SIGGRAPH 2015

Making is a vehicle for innovation. New fabrication and rapid prototyping tools and curriculum are changing the way schools teach, libraries create community, and young people prepare for a career. SIGGRAPH has always been at the crossroads of innovation by introducing new software, hardware, and research to the computer graphics, special effects, and technology-related fields.

Making @ SIGGAPH 2015 draws even more artists, scientists, engineers, teachers, and students by providing opportunities for makers to share what they have learned and how they use their creativity, ingenuity, and critical thinking to inspire others. 

Making @ SIGGRAPH 2015 will: 

  • Provide learning opportunities for educators to bring Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) via making into classrooms and libraries through hands-on experiences that tie into K-12 and post-graduate standards (common core and NGSS). This will include computer graphics, digital arts, digital story telling, and more. 
  • Offer opportunities for educators, makers, and product developers to exchange information with the goal of facilitating new products and services to further innovation. 
  • Provide opportunities for educators to share how making and new technologies have influenced engagement, learning, and mindset skills via workshops, panels, and gatherings.
  • Encourage building of makerspaces in schools, libraries, and communities through examples, documentation, and product sharing.

We will consider all suggestions, but Making @ SIGGRAPH is not selected by a jury. Artists and works are selected and organized by the General Submissions and Making Chair. If you have suggestions for works or artists who should be considered, please submit them to the Making @ SIGGRAPH 2015 Chair.