Publication Requirements

Leonardo Manuscript Checklist for SIGGRAPH 2015

Before any manuscript can receive final editorial-office approval for publication, the following items must be provided by the author. Authors should also carefully review the Leonardo Editorial Guidelines in order to minimize editorial processing time. 

  • WORDCOUNT: Maximum word count of 3,500 words total.  No manuscript with higher word counts can be considered for print publication.
  • For indexing purposes, a DESCRIPTIVE TITLE that clearly reflects the contents of the text. Subtitles can be helpful for supplying key words and capturing the reader's attention.
  • An ABSTRACT of 100-150 or fewer words summarizing the essential points of the manuscript. 
  • As a guide to the reader, consider dividing the text into sections with titles.  
  • REFERENCES and NOTES. These should be integrated into one list appended to the body of the text.
    • ANY SOURCE CITED in the text must be referenced.
    • Sources of ideas and influences as well as previous related work of note should be referenced.
    • General sources on the topic may be included in the References and Notes and referred to in the text (preferred) or listed alphabetically by author as a General Bibliography.
    • References to related articles in previous issues of Leonardo are encouraged.
    • REFERENCE NUMBERS in the text should appear IN NUMERICAL ORDER in brackets on the line of type.
    • Each reference number should appear only once in the text. Subsequent references to the same source should have a new number and refer back to the initial reference (Ex: "See Jones [1] p. 32").
    • Footnotes are not used. Notes to the text should be included in the References and Notes.
    • Refer to the Leonardo Editorial Guidelines for styling References and Notes.
  •  ILLUSTRATIONS (Refer to the Leonardo Illustration Guidelines for full information.)
    • Figures must be clearly numbered and discussed in numerical order in the text.
    • A separate list of FIGURE CAPTIONS (including title of illustration, medium, dimensions, and date in the case of art objects) should be supplied. Captions including one or two descriptive sentences are strongly encouraged.
    • Whenever possible, to ensure best quality of reproduction, black-and-white originals should be provided for images to be reproduced in black and white.
    • Authors must supply WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM COPYRIGHT HOLDER(S) and pay necessary fees to reproduce any copyrighted material.&
    • CREDITS due to a photographer and/or owner of an artwork should be included.&
    • In general, one color and up to 12 black-and-white illustrations may be used. Additional online image, video, and code, and other supplements may be negotiated with the SIGGRAPH 2015 and Leonardo editors prior to publication.
  •  A GLOSSARY should be included if specialized or original terms are used in the manuscript.