For Submitters

SIGGRAPH 2015's graphic theme is the interplay between two ideas:


1. Quilts

An elegant analog tradition that assembles many individual components into complex mosaics that often tell powerful tales. The best ones also deliver warm, comfortable sleep and a cozy cocoon for long chilly nights of writing papers, creating new work, producing simulations, visualizing stories, preparing a course, analyzing phenomena, organizing a talk, or pushing the evolution of digital technology.

If you're anticipating nights like that during the next six months, please include the SIGGRAPH 2015 submission deadlines in your plans. If you have significant, fascinating, and/or really good results before your favorite deadline, please share them with us so we can share them with thousands of people who are already eager to learn more about your work in Los Angeles next August.


Xroads of Discovery

2. Xroads of Discovery

Intricate intersections between humans and their interconnected hardware, software, and wetware. Like the intertwined threads in a quilt, the crossroads meld to form a series of compelling interlinked mosaics.

SIGGRAPH is made up of many different pieces, attendees, contributors, volunteers, other individuals and programs, each with their own unique perspectives, interests, and identities. When they're brought together, the interchange of these elements results in something new for all.

Like the thread that connects the pieces of the quilt, SIGGRAPH provides the opportunity for discovery across its many areas.

Your work will compose SIGGRAPH 2015's quilted crossroads of computer graphics and interactive techniques. We are especially interested in concepts that promote interaction among SIGGRAPH's traditional programs and between the technical community and artists for production of imagery illustrating research. All submitted work will be fairly, thoughtfully, and thoroughly reviewed.

If you have any questions or comments about the submission process, please let me know. I'm usually available, and I always enjoy discussing our favorite conference.

Marc J. Barr 
SIGGRAPH 2015 Conference Chair