Media Images & Conference Photos

Media images are available only to authorized news media representatives. Reproduction of these images is limited to news coverage of ACM SIGGRAPH or the SIGGRAPH 2015 conference and, unless specific image credit/copyright information is cited, requires that the publisher credit the artist and ACM SIGGRAPH or SIGGRAPH 2015 as the sources of the material. 

Program Images

Approved, high-resolution images from the Art Gallery, Art Papers, Computer Animation Festival, Dailies, Emerging Technologies, Real-Time Live!, and Technical Papers programs. 

To request access to images for specific programs, please contact the SIGGRAPH 2015 Media Office. The documents linked below, identified by program, include details on credits for all program images available for media use.

SIGGRAPH 2015 Image Credits Details

Art Gallery

Art Papers

Computer Animation Festival


Emerging Technologies

Real-Time Live!

Technical Papers

Conference Photos

Photos from SIGGRAPH 2015 are available during and after the conference through the official SIGGRAPH Conferences Flickr account.

Unlike program images, no formal outreach is required in order to access these photos. Please credit all photos with “© SIGGRAPH 2015.”

On-site camera policies are printed on the back of the SIGGRAPH 2015 media badge. Cameras and recording equipment must be hand-held. Permission is required from the exhibitor before any part of a booth display in the Exhibition is photographed.