Advertising at SIGGRAPH 2015


Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities

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Sponsorship & Advertising Insertion Order

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Advertising Opportunities

Connect your brand with an attendee base that’s on the move. Maximize your on-site visibility by participation in one or more of these great advertising opportunities.

Exhibition Management


Location, Location

The SIGGRAPH 2015 conference will attract thousands of attendees who will find themselves enjoying the arid summer climate of sunny Southern California. The Los Angeles Convention Center is surrounded by a revitalized downtown area complete with world-class dining, and a variety of nightlife and entertainment.

  • Conference Locator Print Ad

    The Conference Locator is the wildly popular pocket program that all attendees will refer to throughout SIGGRAPH 2015. It is widely distributed and includes conference information, daily schedules, maps of the local area, and exhibitor lists including booth numbers.
    Full page $1,100
    Inside front cover $1,500
    Back cover $2,000

  • Standing Sign Boards

    These signs are three feet wide by eight feet high, standing, double-sided boards located in high-traffic areas: a perfect opportunity to showcase your company logo and promotional message for all to see. Includes production, installation, and dismantle.
    $1,500 per sign

  • Convention Center Meeting Rooms

    Need a quiet place away from the exhibition floor but within walking distance of your booth? A limited number of convention center meeting rooms are available for rental on a daily basis. The daily room rental rate is $2,000 and comes with basic furnishing. Room sizes vary. Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis and sell out quickly.
    $2,000 per day

  • Exhibitor Tech Talks

    Host an Exhibitor Tech Talk to present more in-depth tutorials. These product educational sessions, open to all attendees, are featured in promotional materials as well as on the web site. Tech Talks are presented in a meeting room.
    $2,000 per session

  • Merchandise Bag Insert

    Draw traffic to your booth by promoting your message in the merchandise bags distributed to thousands of attendees. Be creative - a game card, your message on a city map, lip balm, pens, a pedometer.
    Production and shipping costs not included.

  • Escalator Runners

    Promote your brand or company message as attendees are going to and from their sessions, special events and the Exhibition. Choose from a variety of opportunities. The exact dimensions for each section will be provided to the sponsor based on location. Price includes production, installation and dismantle.
    $3,000 per runner

  • Lanyards SOLD

    Thousands of conference attendee will receive a lanyard for their badge holder. Include your company logo and message.
    Production and shipping costs not included.

  • Tote Bags SOLD

    Provide conference attendees something they will use long after SIGGRAPH 2015. Each registered Full Conference attendee receives an environmentally friendly-manufactured tote bag with your company name and logo. Opportunity to add a small promotional item in each bag available.

  • Aisle Signs

    Increase awareness by exclusively displaying your company logo on all the aisle signs throughout the show floor. Attendees will see your logo each time they look for an aisle number! Includes production, installation, and dismantle of double-sided aisle signs.
    $8,000 exclusive

  • Stair Decals

    This high impact branding opportunity will increase attendee awareness of your company by displaying your company name, logo or message on the stairs from one of the main entrances. This unique sponsorship is sure to stand out to all attendees as they enter the building. Pricing includes production, installation, and dismantle.

  • Convention Center Banners

    Display your company banner in highly visible areas of the conference and exhibition. Grab attendees’ attention when they arrive, register, walk to sessions, and leave for the day. Installation and dismantle are included in each package. Advertiser is responsible for production and shipping costs.

    South Lobby Entrance

    All double-sided and $5,000 each

  • 12  12'h x 21'w
  • 14  12'h x 21'w
  • 15  12'h x 21'w
  • 19  12'h x 21'w
  • 20  12'h x 21'w
  • 21  12'h x 21'w

    All double-sided and $3,000 each

  • C1  4'h x 18'w
  • C3  4'h x 18'w
  • C5  4'h x 18'w
  • C7  4'h x 18'w
  • C9  4'h x 18'w
    Upper Food Court

    All single-sided and $3,500 each

  • SL31  5'h x 18'w
  • SL33  7'3"h x 22'w
  • SL34  7'3"h x 22'w
  • SL35  7'3"h x 22'w