SIGGRAPH 2015 by Focus

Choose your area of special interest, or an area that you've always wanted to explore, and customize your SIGGRAPH 2015 experience.


Animation and VFX

(Production Supervisor (VFX, DFX, CG, etc.), Character Animators, Pipeline Engineers, Rendering Engineer, Software/Application Engineers, Technical Directors, Technical Managers)
Explore the science, engineering, and creative inspiration behind the world's most amazing digital imagery and experience outstanding achievements in time-based art, scientific visualization, visual effects, real-time graphics, and narrative shorts.



(Graphic Designers, Information and Visualization Designers, Multimedia Artists, Painters, Sculptors, Art Managers, Art Students, Art Teachers)
SIGGRAPH 2015's creative explorers present artwork and sessions on 2D and 3D art, interactive systems, augmented reality, mixed-media installations and performances, web-based art, responsive media, time-based works, works based on mobile technologies, digital communities and social media, robotics, touch-screens, and wearable art.


Augmented/Virtual Reality

(Game developers, Researchers, Software & Hardware Engineers, Technical Directors, Technical Managers, Technical Designers, Technical Artists, User Experience Designers, Product Managers, R&D Directors, Students)
Explore what's possible with augmented and virtual reality. Listen to world-leading experts, experience live demonstrations, and be inspired to create new realities that can be experienced in ways that have not been possible until today.



(Students, Teachers, Personnel Managers, Curriculum Developers, Technical Recruiters, Artist Recruiters)
Every year, teachers and students look forward to the in-depth educators sessions at SIGGRAPH. This year’s program includes student-run pipeline productions, augmented reality in education, animatronics, strategies and tools for online teaching, WebGL, and virtual worlds for therapy.


First-Time Attendees

Is this your first SIGGRAPH conference? It can be a little overwhelming, but this focus area provides a good introduction and some opportunities for deep immersion in all things SIGGRAPH.



(3D Modelers, Animators, Engine Programmers, Games Programmers, Graphics Programmers, Graphics Engineers, Tools Programmers, Game Researchers, Product Managers, Technical Artists, Technical Designers, Technical Managers)
The Games Focus spotlights the creators, visionaries, and pioneers of the game industry with presentations from the world's leading studios, including Blizzard, Inc., Eidos Montreal, Crystal Dynamics, EA DICE, Ready at Dawn Studios, Avalanche Studios, CD Projekt RED, Epic Games and many others. Topics include: Advances in real-time character rendering and asset pipelines, real-time character animation in video games, new solutions for game navigation, amazing advances in hardware and software collaboration, and more.



(Mobile Developers and Designers, Android Developers, iOS Developers, Art/Creative Directors, Digital Media Designers, User Experience Designers, Web Producers and Designers, Product Managers, Technical Managers)
Imagine the endless possibilities in the next generation of mobile technology. SIGGRAPH 2015 presents the latest advances in mobile graphics and apps, including: powerful new graphic techniques, game production for handheld devices, productivity apps, and multimedia systems.


Physical 3D

(R&D Directors, CAD Managers, Technical Managers, Artists, Researchers, Teachers, Students)
The possibilities of additive manufacturing (3D printing), computer-numerically controlled (CNC) milling, and 3D scanning are endless! There is growing interest in the additive manufacturing and 3D scanning marketplace, as costs decline and accessibility increases. Now anyone (hobbyists, artists, scientists, researchers, and others) can adopt this technology and see the latest advances at SIGGRAPH 2015.



(Production Supervisors (VFX, DFX, CG, etc.), Pipeline Engineers, Technical Directors, Technical Managers)
Examine how practitioners plug the latest research into their creativity and use world-class technology to produce new adventures in digital media: feature films, research videos, science illustrations, advertising, games, alternative realities, and more.



(Academic, Industrial, and Scientific Researchers; Teachers and Students)
Understand the intellectual infrastructure of computer graphics and interactive techniques. SIGGRAPH 2015 programs and events explain the math, science, and engineering behind modeling, animation, rendering, imaging, human-computer interaction, information visualization, computer-aided design, computer vision, and fabrication.