Real-Time Live!

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West Hall B
  • Tuesday, 11 August, 5:30 - 7:15 pm

An interactive extravaganza that celebrates real-time achievements within the intersection of genius technical skills and creative beauty, Real-Time Live! showcases the latest trends and techniques for pushing the boundaries of interactive visuals.

Program Preview Videos

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Immersive Realities (AR/VR) Contest

SIGGRAPH 2015's Immersive Realities (AR/VR) Contest encouraged developers to create and showcase the best augmented/virtual reality experiences possible using today’s technologies. The three finalists demonstrate their work during Real-Time Live! (Tuesday, 11 August, 5:30-7:15 pm, West Hall B) and Appy Hour (Wednesday, 12 August, 5-7 pm, South Hall G):

  • Discovering Near-Field VR: Stop Motion With a Touch of Light-Fields and a Dash of Redirection
  • Never Blind in VR
  • Real Virtuality: Immersive Explorers

Shadertoy Competition 2015    

The Shadertoy Competition 2015 is a month-long event of learning, networking, and sharing knowledge about shading, ray marching, reactivity, and proceduralism. 

From 11 July to 10 August (3:00 pm Pacific time), contributors from all over the world submit their entries. Then a jury selects the top shaders, which are shown during Real-Time Live! at SIGGRAPH 2015. The audience selects the winner of the Shadertoy Competition.