SIGGRAPH: The Original VR MeetUp


SIGGRAPH: The Original VR MeetUp

Thursday, 13 August 3:45 PM - 5:15 PM | Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 515AB

This panel explores SIGGRAPH’s role as an important catalyst for the original introduction of virtual reality technologies and experiences to the public.

At SIGGRAPH 91, Tomorrow's Realities showcased early VR experiences in an entire hall of demonstrations. In 1994, The Edge and VROOM displayed new ideas potentials for a wide range of VR applications. SIGGRAPH continues to explore VR and its relationship to computer graphics, interactivity, and VR’s impact on society, through Emerging Technologies, Courses, Technical Papers, Panels and many exhibitors large and small. This year’s VR Village continues this tradition.

The panel is composed of VR pioneers who have been active in SIGGRAPH’s VR activities over the years. They are all re-engaged with today's resurgence of VR. Their vibrant stories of VR through the years will fascinate attendees and validate the important role SIGGRAPH played in promoting VR.

Jacquelyn Ford Morie
All These Worlds, LLC

Greg Panos
VR Evangelist, Inventor, Mentor

Brett Leonard
Rival Theory VR

Linda Jacobson
East Bay Virtual Reality Alliance; Set It Spinning LLC

Vincent John Vincent
GestureTek Inc.

Nonny de la Pena
The Emblematic Group