Making @ SIGGRAPH Installations

3D Printing, Food, and Others @ Making

3D Systems demonstrates the latest 3D scanners, printers, and haptic devices. Step into characters and see yourself animated at the 3D photo booth. Taste 3D-printed candies with a variety of flavors. Experience 3D-printed fashions.

Ping Fu
3D Systems Corporation

3D Scan. 3D Model. Laser-Cut Toys

Play with the poor man's 3D scanner - Kinect (Xbox) or model you own toy in Autodesk's 123dMake and watch as you laser cut it to create 3D Toys out of cardboard. This process brings the ability to prototype to anyone!

Jean Kaneko, The Exploratory

AIDS Quilt Touch Project

The AIDS Quilt Touch project uses three applications to augment the experience of the AIDS Memorial Quilt:
• A tangible browser of a virtual quilt image
• An interactive timeline of the AIDS epidemic
• A web app that enables viewers to contribute to a digital memorial site

Dale MacDonald
The New School

Anne Balsamo
The New School

David Wison
The New School

Angela Ferraiolo
Sarah Lawrence College

Leticia Ferreira De Souza
The New School

Sean Landers
The New School

Conductak: Stick Circuits Anywhere!

Conductak is an electrically conductive sticky tack that is used to prototype circuits and mount electronic components practically anywhere!

Allen Pan

E-Textiles: Patchwork

Patchwork is an evolving artifact using a quilting metaphor to create ambient displays. Participants are invited to build squares of the quilt in a drop-in workshop format, adding and replacing display units. The result is an interactive textile display that changes over time based on attendees' creative contributions.

Katherine Moriwaki
Parsons School of Design

Fly Original Free-Form Airplanes Using Pteromys.

Using Pteromys, an interactive airplane design system, attendees easily design highly original free-form airplanes that can actually fly.

Nobuyuki Umetani
Autodesk, Inc.

Interactive Exploratories

Interactive Exploratories are posters and comic strips that use Makey Makey and Touch Boards to add sounds, interactivity, games, and more for a deeply engaging educational and artistic experience.

Jean Kaneko
The Exploratory

Max Nishimura
The Exploratory

Making an Interactive Wall With Conductive Ink

Attendees create a tree with electronics and give it life by attaching it to a poster printed with conductive ink.

Yuki Nishida
AgIC, Inc.

Susana Lau Hou
AgIC, Inc.

Masaaki Sugimoto
AgIC, Inc.

Minecraft Building and Exploring

Playing and learning with Minecraft. Printing models from Minecraft to 3D printers using Mineways. Walking through Minecraft environments using the Oculus Rift.

Rosa Farre

Paper Electronics Sandbox

Create light-up and interactive works of art with circuit stickers, conductive inks and paints, and arts and craft supplies for to create learning murals.

Jie Qi
MIT Media Lab

Persuasive Technology: Designing Smart Stuffed Animals for Healthy Food Choices

Soon, homes and other living spaces will include the Internet of Things everywhere. How do we leverage them to make better food choices? This system shifts control of food choices from individual humans to environmental systems through sensing and computing (cameras, sensors, object detection, and ambient lighting, movement, and sound.

Yan Xu
Intel Labs

Piper: A Minecraft Toolbox for Budding Inventors

Piper allows digital natives to not just consume, but create with technology. With this project, educators can use Minecraft to teach students the basics of electronics, breadboarding, and inventing.

Mark Pavlyukovskyy

Shree Bose

Joe Sadler

Semi-Automatic 3D Garment Converter for Physical Simulation

This semi-automatic garment converting system generates 3D garment data for physics-based cloth simulation from 2D sewing patterns. The easy-to-use system reduces conversion time and provides optimal 3D garment data for realistic garment simulation.

Eunjung Ju
SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd.

Youngmin Kwak
SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd.

Seungho Shin
SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd.

Jiwon Jeong
SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd.

Sunyoung Han
SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd.

Jihye Song
SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd.

Jinyong Han
SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd.

Soowan Park
SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd.

Smart Toys, Built by Kids

Cannybots are open-source 3D-printable toy robots for cross-curricular STEM education that introduce kids to programming, digital making, robotics, design, and art in a fun and causal setting based on play. They can be customized by kids using free, browser-based CAD software and 3D printed at school.

Anish Mampetta

Wayne Keenan

Surabhila Mohanan-Padmini

Sayi Pavithrasagar

The Arduino Project

Teachers learn to use Arduinos and breadboards to build simple electrical systems, and how to operate LEDs and motors using potentiometers.

Evan Boorman
Code Rev Kids

Airwolf 3D

Airwolf 3D provides affordable and durable 3D printers designed to be accurate yet incredibly fast with a variety of materials on a huge platform. Our main goal is “to make and sell a superior desktop 3D printer".

Jean Kaneko
The Exploratory