Job Seekers & Casual Networkers

The Job Fair is the place to be if you are:

  • Actively looking for a new job
  • Passively networking to see what opportunities are available.
  • Interested in getting acquainted with some great companies.
  • Hoping to broaden your horizons and possibly switch industries.
  • Looking for career development tips.
  • Wanting to learn about the latest CG and interactive techniques.

To increase their visibility to companies recruiting at SIGGRAPH 2015 and increase their chances of landing that "right" job, job seekers should complete a simple, confidential profile prior to the Job Fair!

Why create a profile?

It's quick, easy, and FREE!

Showcase your professional experience, software knowledge, and samples of your work. Artists and animators can upload art files and demo reels to their profile. Companies recruiting at SIGGRAPH 2015 will be able to view your profile, demo reel, art files, or code samples prior to the Job Fair and invite you to apply for their open positions.

Easily identify employers recruiting at SIGGRAPH 2015, apply for their jobs, and keep track of ALL your job submissions in a secure, personalized account. Job seekers can also create multiple profiles for different industries and opportunities.

If you already have a profile, simply login to your account and check a box indicating that you will be attending SIGGRAPH 2015 so employers recruiting at the conference can easily identify and contact you.