IEEE TVCG Special Session on Augmented and Virtual Reality

Sunday, 9 August, 10:45 am - 12:15 pm, Room 402AB
Session Chair: Dieter Schmalstieg, Technische Universität Graz

Elastic Augmented Reality From a Single View
This talk focuses on the study of augmented reality in elastic objects with self-occlusions handling, using only single-view images. The problem is formulated as an energy-minimization problem accounting for a non-linear elastic model constrained by external image points acquired from a monocular camera. 

Nazim Hauchen
INRIA - Lille
Jeremie Dequidt
Université de Lille 1
Alexander Bilger 
INRIA - Lille
Marie-Odile Berger
INRIA - Magrit
Stephane Cotin
INRIA - Shacra

Augmented Reality Binoculars
An augmented reality binocular system to allow long-range, high-precision augmentation of live telescopic imagery with aerial and terrain-based synthetic objects, vehicles, people and effects. The talk includes successful demonstration of the system and a live simulated training system.

Taragay Oskiper
Mikhail Sizintse
Vlad Branzoi
Supun Samarasekera
Rakesh Kumar
Center for Vision Technologies, SRI International

Extended Depth-of-Field Projector by Fast Focal-Sweep Projection
A simple and cost-efficient method for extending a projector's depth-of-field. The focal length of a projector can periodically modulated at a higher frequency than the critical flicker-fusion frequency. Experiments confirm that the image quality is superior to that of normal projection with fixed focal length. 

Daisuke Iwai
Shoichiro Mihara
Kosuke Sato
Osaka University

WAVE: Interactive Wave-Based Sound Propagation for Virtual Environments
An interactive wave-based sound-propagation system that generates accurate, realistic sound in virtual environments for dynamic sources and listeners. The system can handle large environments typically used in VR applications, compute spatial sound corresponding to a listener's motion, and handle both omnidirectional and directional sources, all at interactive rates.

Ravish Mehra
Atul Rungta
Abhinav Golas
Ming Lin
Dinesh Manocha
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill