Mobile Focus

Mobile platforms have changed our lives. In a relatively few years, these devices have become ubiquitous, and in many cases have replaced the stationary compute devices to which we were previously tethered. Today, smartphones, tablets, and hand-held gaming devices with powerful graphics hardware can easily run advanced games, productivity apps, and multimedia presentations on high-resolution, full-color screens. And they come equipped with additional sensors that expand the possibilities for practically endless new mobile experiences.

We want to see the exciting things that are happening with mobile technology! Come and show your newest game, amazing augmented or virtual reality app, clever real-time rendering solution for mobile, or ass-kicking graphics hardware! Share experiences on mobile development and design tools, how to get to millions of users in the app stores, and how to harness the power of social networking. If it is new, useful, or just plain cool, we want to see it at SIGGRAPH 2015!

To ensure that all kinds of work can be shown and discussed, there are a number of submission categories:

  • Dailies are short (less than two minutes) clips that show off something you are proud of (an especially good option if you can’t physically come to Los Angeles). 
  • Presentations are focused talks, typically by one speaker, on a single topic, technology or result.
  • Panels are multi-speaker presentations and discussions in a particular area.
  • Courses are lectures or hands-on tutorials that educate the audience on current mobile technologies and tools.
  • Installations showcase the latest and greatest mobile technologies – applications, software, and hardware.
  • Appy Hour, a cocktail reception showcasing the very latest work of independent and student app developers.

All of these programs are jury reviewed to ensure the best quality experience for SIGGRAPH Mobile.

If you're not sure what to submit or which program to send it to, please contact the Mobile Chair.

We look forward to seeing you at SIGGRAPH 2015!