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Video Processing

Tuesday, 11 August 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM | Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 150/151 Session Chair: Floraine Berthouzoz, Adobe Systems Incorporated

Sampling-Based Scene-Space Video Processing

This paper shows how noisy depth estimates can be incorporated into a robust scene-space video-processing approach to achieve a wide variety of compelling video effects such as denoising, super-resolution, action shots, and virtual apertures.

Felix Klose
Disney Research Zürich, TU Braunschweig

Oliver Wang
Disney Research Zürich

Jean-Charles Bazin
Disney Research Zürich

Marcus Magnor
Technische Universität Braunschweig

Alexander Sorkine-Hornung
Disney Research Zürich

Gaze-Driven Video Re-Editing

This method displays widescreen videos at a different aspect ratio by optimizing the path of the cropping window based on eyetracking data from viewers to create pans, cuts, and zooms.

Eakta Jain
University of Florida

Yaser Sheikh
Carnegie Mellon University

Ariel Shamir
Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Jessica Hodgins
Carnegie Mellon University, Disney Research

AudeoSynth: Music-Driven Video Montage

Creating visual montages that are edited and synchronized with the rhythm of music, rendering a symphony of audio-visual resonance.

Zicheng Liao
Zhejiang University

Yizhou Yu
The University of Hong Kong

Bingchen Gong
Zhejiang University

Lechao Cheng
Zhejiang University

High-Quality Streamable Free-Viewpoint Video

The first end-to-end solution to create high-quality free-viewpoint video encoded as a compact data stream. The system records performances using a dense set of RGB and IR video cameras, generates dynamic textured surfaces, and compresses them to a streamable 3D video format.

Alvaro Collet
Microsoft Corporation

Ming Chuang
Microsoft Corporation

Pat Sweeney
Microsoft Corporation

Don Gillett
Microsoft Corporation

Dennis Evseev
Microsoft Corporation

David Calabrese
Microsoft Corporation

Hugues Hoppe
Microsoft Corporation

Steve Sullivan
Microsoft Corporation