Simsquishal Geometry

Technical Papers

Simsquishal Geometry

Tuesday, 11 August 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM | Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 150/151 Session Chair: Keenan Crane, Columbia University

Dihedral Angle-Based Maps of Tetrahedral Meshes

This paper presents a geometric representation of a tetrahedral mesh that is solely based on dihedral angles, shows that the shape of a tetrahedral mesh is completely defined by its dihedral angles, develops a numerical procedure to optimize them, and shows how to recover vertex positions from these angles.

Gilles-Philippe Paillé
Université de Montréal

Nicolas Ray

Pierre Poulin
Université de Montréal

Alla Sheffer
The University of British Columbia

Bruno Lévy

Conformal Mesh Deformations With Möbius Transformations

A framework for deformation and interpolation of triangle and general polygonal circular meshes, using face-based piecewise-Möbius transformations. The method derives and generalizes definitions of discrete conformality within the framework, and utilizes them to ensure that the transformations are conformal.

Amir Vaxman
Technische Universität Wien

Christian Müller
Technische Universität Wien

Ofir Weber
Bar Ilan University

Close-to-Conformal Deformation of Volumes

This paper presents an efficient method for computing volumetric deformations with quality comparable to far more expensive state-of-the-art approaches. The implementation requires only a standard linear algebra library.

Albert Chern
California Institute of Technology

Ulrich Pinkall
Technische Universität Berlin

Peter Schröder
California Institute of Technology

Linear Subspace Design for Real-Time Shape Deformation

A novel method for design of linear deformation subspaces, combining both linear blend skinning and generalized barycentric coordinates under a unified framework.

Yu Wang
University of Pennsylvania

Alec Jacobson
Columbia University, ETH Zürich

Jernej Barbič
University of Southern California

Ladislav Kavan
University of Pennsylvania