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Scalable Graphics

Thursday, 13 August 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM | Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 150/151 Session Chair: Elmar Eisemann, Technische Universiteit Delft

Lillicon: Using Transient Widgets to Create Scale Variations of Icons

Lillicon is a vector-drawing system that lets users select and manipulate objects that aren't really there (negative space strokes, incomplete shapes, etc.) using "transient widgets". It helps designers create small-scale variations of icons for various displays and use cases.

Gilbert Bernstein
Stanford University

Wilmot Li
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Vector Graphics Animation With Time-Varying Topology

Introducing the vector animation complex, a novel data structure for animated vector graphics illustrations, including when their topology continuously changes over time.

Boris Dalstein
The University of British Columbia

Remi Ronfard

Michiel van de Panne
The University of British Columbia

Accelerating Vector Graphics Rendering Using the Graphics Hardware Pipeline

Learn how engineers at Adobe Systems and NVIDIA GPU-accelerated Adobe Illustrator CC rendering. Among other challenges, this paper discusses overcoming the GPU's RGB-centric assumptions to support the CMYK color model used for high-quality printing. The techniques can also accelerate vector
graphics for web browsers, PDF viewers, and printers.

Vineet Batra
Adobe Systems Inc.

Mark Kilgard
NVIDIA Corporation

Harish Kumar
Adobe Systems Inc.

Tristan Lorach
NVIDIA Corporation

Piko: A Framework for Authoring Programmable Graphics Pipelines

Piko enables effective design of flexible, efficient, and portable graphics pipelines. Using spatial binning as the core abstraction, it enables pipeline authors to explore and control parallelism and locality in a pipeline, and as a consequence improve efficiency.

Anjul Patney
NVIDIA Corporation, University of California, Davis

Stanley Tzeng
NVIDIA Corporation

Kerry A. Seitz, Jr.
University of California, Davis

John D. Owens
University of California, Davis