On the Move


On the Move

Wednesday, 12 August 10:45 AM - 12:30 PM | Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 404AB Session Chair: Jesse Barker, ARM, Inc.

Mobile Vision: How We Must Augment APIs to Enable a New Reality

Mobile devices are on the verge of having the performance capability to enable responsive and power-efficient computer vision and augmented reality applications. This talk explores the obstacles developers have to face with current APIs, tips on how to address them, and advances that will improve platforms in coming years.

Alon Or-bach
Samsung R&D Institute UK

Performance and Precision: Mobile Solutions for High-Quality Engineering Drawings

The growth of mobile computing and evolution of GPUs on mobile devices present tremendous opportunities for applications that view and interact with engineering documents. This talk presents solutions for high-quality, high-performance, and memory-efficient representation and display of the 2D graphical content of such documents.

Ravi Krishnaswamy
Autodesk Inc.

Sean James
Autodesk Inc.

Impact of CPU-GPU Data Transfers on Mobile Device GPGPU

This talk focuses on the key issues related to data sharing in GPGPU tasks that influence performance and explains how to address them.

Tommaso Maestri
Samsung R&D Institute UK

Challenges With Virtual Reality on Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are catching up with desktop, but will they be able to replace conventional VR devices? This talk discusses some of the limitations and challenges of VR on mobile, and how to overcome them to achieve good immersive experiences.

Prashant Sharma
Samsung R&D Institute UK

The Many Faces Of Font Rendering

The aim of this talk is to provide a detailed overview of the problem domain of font rendering, why GPU font rendering methods are now an important consideration, and how we can leverage existing hardware pipelines to provide fast, clean, and scalable on-screen typography.

Christopher Hebert
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.