Building Fantastic Worlds, Studio Games Talks 1

Studio Talks

Building Fantastic Worlds, Studio Games Talks 1

Wednesday, 12 August 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM | Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 402AB

Keeping it Real - The Making of Lumino City

State of Play Games, known for making games by hand, demonstrate the unique benefits of using physical models in and explain some of the technical challenges.

Daniel Fountain
Luke Whittaker
State of Play Games

The Art of "The Witness"

This behind-the-scenes look at the creative process for Jonathan Blow's The Witness shows how a small art team, focused on understanding the core essentials of gameplay, allowed the visual language to be an extension of it.

Orsi Spanyol
Thekla, Inc.

User-Centric Tools Programming in Firewatch

How do you build a large, interconnected world with a small team? The 10-person studio Campo Santo is building Firewatch with only one environment artist and one concept artist. This talk explains how the team designed tools that allow content creators to build an open world without sacrificing quantity or quality.

Paolo Surricchio
Campo Santo

Feel Engineering at Funomena

Funomena discusses the core artistic and emotional inspirations behind their upcoming game Luna, the creative process behind its current look, and how decisions on art, sound, and gameplay design are integrated via "feel engineering" to reinforce the game's underlying themes and narrative to create novel, compelling emotional experiences.

Robin Hunicke