Program Preview Videos

Technical Papers

Brief video summaries of the fascinating and diverse work presented in this year's Technical Papers, the premier international forum for disseminating new scholarly work in computer graphics and interactive techniques. The video is also shown during the Electronic Theater.


Computer Animation Festival

The world's leading festival of the most innovative and accomplished computer graphics.


Art Gallery

Art Gallery Chair Amit Zoran is proud to present the SIGGRAPH 2015 Art Gallery. This year's theme is Hybrid Craft, a showcase of craft techniques and values in contemporary digital design, where beautiful and meaningful artifacts are produced by machine and craftsperson together.


Emerging Technologies

The Emerging Technologies program presents innovative technologies in several fields from displays and input devices to collaborative environments and technologies that will transform the way we live and work.


Real-Time Live!

An interactive extravaganza that celebrates real-time achievements within the intersection of genius technical skills and creative beauty, Real-Time Live! showcases the latest trends and techniques for pushing the boundaries of interactive visuals.