HoloChat: 3D Avatars on Mobile Light-Field Displays

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HoloChat: 3D Avatars on Mobile Light-Field Displays

For many years, science fiction writers and movie makers have imagined holographic displays as the communication platform of the future. Why should we restrict ourselves to a two-dimensional screen if we can transmit our virtual selves in 3D? After recent advances in holographic display and 3D capture technologies, HoloChat takes the concept a step further. It is a complete prototype system suitable for mobile deployment (mobile phones, smart watches, tablet de-vices, etc.) supported by an efficient data-processing framework for 3D face capture, transmission, rendering, and display. The framework combines the state of the art in mobile light-field displays and depth-sensor-based real-time facial performance capture.

HoloChat, the first mobile holographic communication system with performance-driven digital avatars, is a key application for holographic face-to-face communication on future mobile devices that may be equipped with light-field displays and 3D sensors. While acquisition and display fidelity is likely to increase significantly in the coming years, this prototype system is an important step toward the grand challenge of 3D teleconferencing. At SIGGRAPH 2015, it offers a playful experience in which attendees can communicate with each other remotely through digital avatars.

Jing Liu
University of California, Santa Cruz

Armand Niederberger

Jihun Yu
Industrial Light & Magic

Hao Li
University of Southern California

David Fattal