Media(ting) Art and Human Experience

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Media(ting) Art and Human Experience

Tuesday, 11 August 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM | Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 153A-C Session Chair: Victoria Szabo, Duke University

Ethics, Ecology, and the Future: Art and Design Face the Anthropocene

This paper provides a critique of how the Anthropocene is being addressed in art and design, focusing on works of critical, conceptual, and speculative design. Artists and designers discussed include: Marina Zurkow, Una Chaudhuri, Oliver Kellhammer, Fritz Ertl, Sarah Rothberg, Dunne & Raby, and Jae Rhim Lee.

Kayla Anderson
The School of The Art Institute of Chicago

Articulating Media-Arts Activities in Art-Science Contexts

This paper introduces a novel methodological framework for promoting media-arts activities in art-science contexts. It splits media-arts activities into the overlapping areas of generation, augmentation, provocation, and mediation, providing a useful way to articulate the broader importance of media arts in interdisciplinary collaboration.

Angus Forbes
University of Illinois at Chicago

The Dual Skins of a Media Façade: Explicit and Implicit Interactions

How media architecture can support new forms of public interaction in urban environments by using ethnographic research methods that seek to bridge the gap between expert top-down approaches to new-media technology design and bottom-up community digital practices that shape in situ usages.

Claude Fortin
Simon Fraser University

Kate Hennessy
Simon Fraser University